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Terri Nickerson: Both of my parents were talented amateur photographers, and they nurtured my interest in photography as I was growing up. When I retired and joined the Duxbury Camera Club, I became serious about improving my skills and pursuing photography as an art form. Recently I’ve enjoyed learning about techniques for transforming my images digitally. I’ve been a birder for over thirty years, which influences my photography. As I have traveled the world, I’ve been inspired by its natural beauty, and am happiest when I’m exploring nature. I find the behaviors of wildlife fascinating, and strive to capture the essence of the animals that I photograph. My intent is for each image to begin with careful observation, thought and then execution, though sometimes there is only time for a quick capture. My work has been accepted into juried shows in the Boston and Cape Cod areas, and in Yankee Magazine.

I can be reached at

Instagram: tbnick

Chris Ruggio: I inherited my grandfather's Canon AE-1 at the age of 12 and never looked back.  Although I always have had a camera to hand and have enjoyed snapping away, I discovered the possibilities of creative photography with the advent of digital cameras and the rise of editing tools such as Photoshop. 

I moved to London with my first job and ended up staying for twenty years. While living there I participated in a weekly online competition which stretched me creatively by working to a brief each week.  I also became involved with the Strobist movement of speedlight-based creative lighting, focusing on street and glamour photography.  On my return to the US I joined and eventually became President of the Duxbury Camera Club.

I enjoy collaborating with other photographers and models.  I find that the creative process is greatly improved when everyone brings their own ideas to the table, as we all see the world in slightly different ways.

My work has been featured in several online and print publications, as well as a calendar and even a television commercial!  I am a Getty Images Artist. 

I can be contacted at, or on Instagram at chris.ruggio.

Elizabeth "Lisa" Ryan: My family has been involved in the arts for several generations. One of my grandfathers was the painter John Graham, who was active in the art scene in New York in the 1930s.  My other grandfather collected the works of the Danish Impressionists for what is now the Glypotek Museum in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Growing up surrounded by these wonderful works of art, I took lessons in drawing and painting from a very early age.

I graduated from Pratt Institute of Art in 1973. After a stint working as a photographer's assistant in New York, I moved to Boston to study art therapy. This led to a career in psychology.

I came back to photography with the advent of digital cameras in 2002.  I am a member of the Duxbury Camera Club, and have served on the steering committee and as a club officer.  In 2013 I became a gallery artist for the Plymouth Art Guild.  I am also a founding member of the Images Group.

As a result of taking workshops with Lance Keimig and Kevin Adams, I became increasingly fascinated with night photography.  I am now the co-organizer of the Greater Boston Night Photographers.

My work has been published in South Shore Living, Early American Life, and in AAA's Horizons.  My images were featured in the art publication The Literate Image.  On line publications and awards include a NASA Astrophotograph of the Day, and  and inclusion the the "100 Best  Astrophotographs of 2016" on

In  2016 I co-curated an exhibit ,  "Night Becomes Us", at the Art Complex Museum in Duxbury. My work was shown along with the work of 11 other night photographers, from 9/2016 through 1/2017.  I have participated in exhibits in galleries in New England.

I am a workshop leader, lecturer and judge for local camera clubs.

I enjoy the challenges and adventure of night photography.

You can contact me at,

Instagram  drbetty_


Steve Schroeder:   I'm an enthusiastic amateur photographer.  My inspiration comes from nature and from my father, who was an artist in the beautiful coastal town of Lewes, Delaware.  I didn't spend much time on photography until the digital revolution. Now, having retired from a career in environmental law, photography is my main hobby.  Digital photography is a mix of art and science that fits my technical aptitude and fosters my hope to develop some level of artistic sensitivity. Mostly, though, I just enjoy being outdoors and taking pictures of wildlife, coastal landscapes and the scenery of whatever beautiful area I am visiting.  I'm an active member of the Duxbury Camera Club, recently serving as President. I can be reached at

Myrna Walsh: I started taking pictures to accompany my feature articles for newspapers and corporate newsletters. After working as a reference librarian, teaching Duxbury's seventh graders computer programming, and helping to establish a hospice, I put aside my camera and closed my darkroom. I moved into healthcare administration and later wrote an Images of America book. Retiring as executive director of a foundation, I returned to photography, now digital and more creative. My works explores the transmutation of three dimensional objects captured in the two dimensions, and then re-imagined with mass, energy and irony. Probably due to my years as a photojournalist and documentarian, I prefer the drama of black and white and look for the unexpected. Aside from Duxbury Camera Club shows and an Audubon of the South Shore exhibit, I intentionally have not widely shown my recent photographic work.